Be scared. I really just might bite you.

Education Poster

This project I’m working on now is designing education posters targeting middle school students, regarding the subject of massive star formation. During the mock-up production stage, three different ideas were developed.
The first one, considering the targeted audience, is passing on information through the form of a comic. The sketching, line art and coloring were all done digitally using Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Photoshop. QQ截图20141211194957

Dialogue bubbles were left temporarily blank for further discussion and organization of text.

Another option is a series of three; while the images could remain independent from each other, combined they would make up an entire image as well. The drawing used was done with Photoshop and Illustrator combined. QQ截图20141211195509

In the middle image, the quote “each frame is a hundred years” is highlighted, after the viewing of these mock-ups; an idea was brought up that every image could contain their own provocative statement.

Lastly, a series of small posters presented as a sequence. The concept was inspired by the model simulation of massive star formation, a 25 second video clip demonstrating the process of formation. Three screenshots of the beginning, middle and end of the clip were taken and the colors were edited through photoshop.


With Illustrator, typography mixed with rectangular shapes produced a design when the entire series put together would resemble a roll of film, coinciding with the center idea of being sequential.

The Final design:



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