Be scared. I really just might bite you.

Calling Cards

The idea behind my design for this project is simple, due to the fact that it’s a card with myself as the main subject, I try to represent how I and others see myself. The image I drew on my sketchbook was inspired by gothic style fonts. To me, gothic in either font or architecture style is mysterious, intimidating and oppressing in the most beautiful way. Almost all my close friends tell me later on that when they first met me, they thought I seemed intimidating, distant, mysterious, hard to impress, in other words overall terrifying. True as that might be, I’m quite comfortable with representing myself like that, that way people can focus more on what I do(the image) instead of who I truly am(the text). As with any individual in this world we cross paths with, we have to observe real carefully to figure out who they really are. Since I’m not exactly loquacious during the first stage of my relationship with people, the text is simple as well: my name and my statement “Find me.” with its double meaning.

Design Prduction was divided into three steps, drawing directly on paper, transferring and making adjustments in Photoshop and adding text in Illustrator. After sketching out my design with pencil and then tracing it with a marker, I scanned the image onto my computer to obtain a digital version of it. Some adjustments of color were done through PS, also I played around with the filters and made an image with colors reversed in order to combine different effects together just to make things more interesting.

After creating a mask and selecting the areas I deemed intriguing enough composition wise in , I cropped and combined the different pieces together and ended up with 5 versions of the image.


The next step is to create the backside of the card and insert my name as subtly as possible into the five images. What I wish to achieve with the color and font of the text is that, without careful observation, my name would act as part of the image and not steal any attention, and if you look closely enough, that’s a little surprise for you.



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