Be scared. I really just might bite you.

Project: Strange World

Title of work: untitled

project 235324IMG_1132

Finding interesting patterns in life could be really overwhelming, due to the fact that almost everything around me offers something that could be exploited. To narrow it down and eventually pick out the most suitable one, it works for me to consider many numbers of things regarding the object: the color palate, how light bounces off the surface, the material and how it could be manipulated, would its texture coincide with what that certain part of my image is trying to express. Colors could be adjusted later in the process, so I concentrated on the selection of pattern and texture on the found objects. I realize that taking pictures and experimenting with them to get a glimpse of the eventual effect is vital, even failed experiments offer something in return. Playing around with the translucency also helps.

The initial idea of my project was to recreate a study, a simple little pencil drawing, I did in my sketchbook with objects taken from real life. Because most of my works nowadays are abstract, the space I would eventually create would be somewhat bizarre. Abstract work can sometimes be too personal for others to get a hold of the meaning. But in my opinion they’re still constructed by pieces of reality, only in a more distorted, subtle or subconscious level that could be more challenging to rationalize or articulate. Through this project, it takes that notion of idea into a literal sense, since the image is actually made of scraps of multiple real objects found in my “reality”. The idea could be disturbing or alarming to the logical side of our brain, so I hope the space I create could be both visually harmonious and potentially unsettling.

From this point on, I will probably put more thought into interpreting what my initial images represent to me. When I drew the sketch, it was merely a simple study for composition and space. I really enjoyed everyone else’s interpretation of it, especially how most interpretations surround a dark and angst theme, apparently that’s my thing now.


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