Be scared. I really just might bite you.

Project I-Part I

Title of work: Translucent Seas (still thinking)

project1 shadow effect trail

For the last couple of weeks I’ve really come to get to know photoshop as a useful tool, before the first project, I have never actually used this software despite its popularity amongst artists. Through information shared within the class by Nell and other classmates or individually exploring it, I’ve begin to understand why it’s such a helpful and commonly used tool. Color and texture rendering, scale and perspective modification, warping, altering light sources are only a few of the countless techniques I find incredibly fascinating.

The idea behind this project is sparked by my love of the underwater tunnel aquariums. While I was preparing photographs for the project, I incidentally stumbled upon the pictures I took during the summer when I visited several aquariums back in China and in Chicago. Fortunately, many of the stunning creations of nature go with the oval/spherical theme. I thought about standing in the tunnel, this confined space, with all these beautiful whilst deadly sea-creatures swimming nearby. Marveling at the beauty of them, I imaginged that all of a sudden, everything around me tumbles down. Glass breaking, water pouring in. I would suffocate. It’s interesting how something so beautiful could destroy you in a mere second. The setting of my project is outer space, while it is romantic to think of living in a planet where you look up towards the sky and see dancing jellyfish; it’s also terrifying to think about the distorted proportion of them. This time, there’s no glass-that last layer of protection between them and us. What I wanted to express is that concept of false sense of security. Alike most things in life, everything you love could disappear in the blink of an eye, I could cease to exist the next minute, entire relationships between others in my life could be destroyed with a single sentence. This concept is as if I’ve been given power when being trapped in the most vulnerable position, and beauty is offered as something so distracting I don’t even realize how anxious or bewildered I should have been.

After receiving some helpful feedbacks and comments, I would alter or get rid of the objects that seemed displaced in the image. The best way for me is to put aside the image and not look at it for a while, then when I get back to it, I would have a clearer sense of what doesn’t belong and what needs changing.


One response

  1. I really enjoyed hearing your design statement, and when you are ready to look at the image again you should post a picture of it because it was so beautiful!

    September 18, 2014 at 12:21 am

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