Be scared. I really just might bite you.

A Visit to the High Museum

During the semester I had many opportunities to get a sense of the amazing works of various artists, fortunately the Dalton Gallery in campus held some interesting shows that inspired me in many ways. My visit to the high museum is also an aspiring trip.

All the exhibits are wonderfully alluring to the eyes, I especially enjoyed the British ceramics of teapots which are absolutely exquisite. The European and American paintings was also an eye fest.  Though unexpectedly, what had the most influence on me was an exhibit of a certain form of art that I didn’t really understand before. I was deeply drawn by the works of the modern artist Alejandro Aguilera, a prolific painter, sculptor and draftsman. Aguilera was trained in both the United States and his native Cuba, he now works in Atlanta. The museum displayed a large set of drawings he created between 1998 and 2011.

What appealed to me was the complexity and seemingly unorganized quality of his drawings. I am always fond of the unclear distinction of intentional and unintentional outcomes of a piece of art, when something that seemed likes a pleasant coincident clash with the intentional outcome. This sort of freeness appeals to me. When I was younger, I only understand the beauty of realistic artworks. Because it is easier to judge, I just need to look with my eyes and see how much the painting resembles the real objects in life. But as I get more experiences with various forms of art works, I start to appreciate the ambiguous and abstract qualities of art. Compared to realism, the abstractness of modernism serves the imagination of an art work in a way that reflects more personal style of the artists themselves. The artwork could be a graphic journal that includes all the amazing aspects of the artists’ experience, a way to round up all the essential emotions and transitions in life to one piece. What might seems like a big pile of chaos can be read deep into and there’s definitely going to be amazing discoveries.



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