Be scared. I really just might bite you.

Self Portrait-1

The final self portrait project is a great opportunity to discover the truth of myself and what I’ve become at this stage. The process of this drawing is literally exploring myself in the dark, and revealing different parts of myself little by little. The dramatic lighting really helps my see the different aspects of my face, how each part connects to another and the way shades work throughout my entire face. It’s an amazing way of seeing me truthfully.Image

I very much enjoyed the process, although did in fact stumble few times. In the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure about the scale of my nose, I think I drew 3 different scales of noses before I came to the one I have now. I’ve noticed through my drawings that I have a tendency to draw things in smaller scales, I think it’s because doing that makes me feel better in control and safer. Drawing in bigger scales is much more bold and needed during art creating, this is something I’ve actually been trying to work towards. Another thing that was challenging for me was trying to transfer the plastic quality of my glasses onto my drawing, it’s much harder to show the texture of the frame and differentiate it from the rest of my face. In the beginning, I thought it would be easier to first draw my entire face and then add the glasses. But that would be like separating my glasses and my face, which is not a good way of thinking in this work. Dealing with all these complicated relationships of shadow, texture and forms are extremely vital in future prospect of drawing, there’s definitely a great lesson in there.

I really enjoyed making the eyes, even though I might be working a little ahead of myself, it’s nice to have a vague shape of it to work on later on. Standing back and looking away then come back are really helpful for me to understand my work better. Getting to see my works in a different perspective is always an opportunity for new discoveries. It seems as though the shadows on the face are a little stiff, the shape of the nose and the part where my face and the glasses meet still needs a lot of work, they look quite unnatural to me, I would definitely put more though into these when I get back.Image


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