Be scared. I really just might bite you.

The Nature of Art

The exhibition regarding the process of art in the Dalton Gallery is indeed very entertaining. Usually what viewers get to see are the final outcomes of a work, but this exhibition gave us an opportunity to explore the artists’ way of forming ideas and inspirations during stages of creating.

Sometimes when I see a mind blowing and beautifully presented piece of art, it creates a sort of gap between me and the artist. The kind of feeling people get when they see glamorous movie stars and think how they are from a total different universe and won’t have a chance of ever being like them. So looking in to the process of art creating really brings the artists and viewers close, seeing the stumbles and confusions the artist have as well, the viewers might feel less intimidated.

The influence and inspirations the artists get are also really interesting. An artist’s work is deeply effected by the artist’s experience, the stronger the emotion, the easier it is for the viewers to connect with the artist. The work of Anne Beidler and Lisa Alembik are connected in such ways. They both used mundane objects found in life to create art, but because these objects stores emotions, it’s like they are telling their own life stories to the viewers through their work. I was especially moved when Beidler explained the strings used in one of her artwork represent the red string of destiny connecting her and her daughters. By viewing their pieces, I feel that art is a process of using the most ordinary materials to create a spectacular outcome. In my opinion, art is just like life, it’s constructed by all the mundane things around us. But to different people some things may store deeper emotions and these objects or events made us in to what we are in the present. The work of an artist is always a reflection of the artist themselves. So when developed into a certain maturity, just like people, the nature of the art works could never be the same.


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