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Creative Thinking in Art and Writings

After watching the Art:21 series and hearing the writer’s festival events, I found that the creative thinking process used in creative writing and art actually have many things in common. The artist Bruce Nauman and creative writer Benjamin Percy have very interesting ideas when it comes to the intentions of their works and the interpretation of the viewers.

During Percy’s reading, he talked about some very inspiring ideas regarding creative writing. Through the events that took place in his life, he “transfer his feelings into the story and raise questions to see how people interpret it”, and through this he “gave the readers a question to think”. Although for Naumen, he said that “the intention changes for works of art”. His series of amazing large installations were absolutely marvelous, as he said, they “look functional but in the larger picture of things, you can’t really figure out what it’s supposed to be and in the end that is what its true function is.” Indeed, the interpretation of a work eventually all depends on the viewers’ own understanding, although the pathway for leading the viewers is very different for these two creative thinkers. Compared to just words in writings, art pieces are more multimedia (with the different use of various materials) but may also be vaguer. When we are thinking in our heads, we must use vocabulary to come up with a clear idea, but what an art work stands for could be beyond that. For some works, no matter how hard we try to look into the artists’ intentions, we still can’t make sense of it. Taking out the critical judgment of an art work such as craftsmanship, and usage of colors or materials, what is left is uncertainty; it’s emotional, spiritual, imaginary, these raw ideas, things that you can’t put into words but astoundingly still can make connection towards in indescribable ways.

Percy also talked about the function of fiction writing, which is a very intriguing idea, he said that “fiction writing helps serve imagination, it is drawn from the truth but it’s never limited by it.” This certain idea made me think that the intention of producing art works are similar, like artists using materials from reality to create a brand new world full of imagination. What the fascinating thing is about creative writing and producing art is that with the use of words and various materials, the restrictions that are there in the real world are taken out. Just like creative writing, art is never limited by reality.




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