Be scared. I really just might bite you.

Little Animals:Peaco-fish


In the beginning stage of creating this project, I thought it was really interesting finding useful materials from mundane objects. I found so many interesting materials I can use, but my ideas are too scattered because of this. So I made a plan in mind and drew a little sketch to organize all my ideas.Image

This creature is a combination of a peacock and leafy-sea dragon, I’m fond of animals and was always fascinated by the beauty of these natures’s creation. The head, tail and neck is mostly peacock features while the beak, body, fins are mostly features of the leafy sea dragon or marine animals in general. I use wires and clay to construct the body, also to mimic the ‘leafs’ of the leafy sea dragon I used the yellow tape cut them and draped them on the tail and crown. I also used lace to decorate around them to create an elegant and float-y feeling to it. Plastic flowers are really useful in making the crown and fins on the side of the body. The Peaco-fish is designed to be a sea creature, so the overall colors and features is kind of coral like, it can easily use its tail to disguise itself. Plus, considering its survival ability in nature, the wire part of the tail is also a defense mechanism which can unfold and be used as thorns to protect itself when facing danger.


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